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If you mean shipping-wise, then yes, and that's kind of the point. Flutter and Dash don't seem to be personality and viewpoint-wise similar enough to play off each other well and it all goes down to friend and regular-ships.
There was the kiss scene, however accidental that woul he. And also all the heavily implied relationship stuff. But yeah, discounting that...

edit- RYB is a holdout from back before things were really understood. It's mostly sticking around as a cultural artifact, kind of like how silly imperial measure is
But pigment does work via RYB, and not so much RGB. I've tried. many a fimo clay was lost that day. So I don't think it's solely an artefact. But I've Ben wrong before.

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I'm sure plenty of bronies are also racists. I don't think that makes Zecora, as portrayed in show, a racist interpretation of African culture. She's got the 'foreign' thing going, but that's mostly because she rhymes everything. Beyond that (outside of her intro episode) I can't think of any time she's been portrayed as a negative influence, OR as magically solving everything in a swoop. She contributes to the solution more than once, but she's never solely responsible for fixing everything with foreign magic.
I know. That's why I specified the fandom. I don't remember why, though.

With the number of times you've posted here, and if you've watched the show, I'd say that having three real-life bronies come out around you is an absolutely GOLDEN opportunity. Broach the topic! Make conversation! Might not be 100% comfortable but it's a phenomenal chance to make some new friends.
This. Seriously. It reminds me of that pseudo-parable. "Why didn't you save me from the flood?" "I sent a man, a boat and a helicopter. Why didn't you accept my help?"

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I must try for 100+
That is Madness!

I must....FOR SCIENCE!

Perched Perilously atop, Perchance, a Peruvian Plataeu amid Posies, Petunias, Pampas and Phlox, Powerful Peregrines and Peculiar Piebald Patterned Platypii Passing by; Poznan Polands Petite but Powerful Pioneering Poker and Pachinko Playing Polo Player Paul "Polish Pudding Pop" Pierce Passingly Pondered the Possibility of Positively Prodigious Piles of Perfect Pretty Pink, Purple, and Puce Prancing Puking Pegasus Party Ponies in Pairs of Pajamas Politely Pilfering Plates of Pralined Pecan Pieces,Platters of Pasta, and Parboiled Peanuts Perhaps while Preparing to Pugilisticly and Painfully Punish Pitiless, Penniless Penzancian Pirates Plundering, Pillaging and Poisoning Popular Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Produce Purveyors Providing Peach, Pear, Pineapple, and Prohibited Peyote Pastries to Penurious, Prideful, Pitiful, Pathetic and Peckish Poor People for Plaid Pussycat Plushies, Plastic Pinkie Pie toys, Packages of Pinecones,or Paltry Pouches of Pennies, Pesos, or Pakistani rupees. (103)


I did it...My Gawd!...It's packed with pulsars.
I haven't actually read this. I can't. It tastes like pecans. Your writing tastes like pecans. Gods help me what have you done?!

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Welcome aboard the Herd train, my Initiate. You can watch MLP Episode on youtube.
Ironically, I initially watched MLP to mock it before I got hooked to it on September.
No, he's been around for a while. He is just worried about the eventual ramifications of actually giving in and allowing himself to like the show. I think he just sticks aroun for the hugs and well-wishing at this point.