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"You're an idiot! You LIKED THAT!?? Because so many other people hated it!"
No, that is not what has happened.

What happend is Chloe said s/he could not come up with reasons why good guys always win and cannot understand how people are always so lame to like it over and over again, while s/he enjoys Bad Endings.

What did then happen were people pointed out various reasons why the state is as it is and that it is not only purely our socialization. In my case, I even defended a "bad" ending, but also pointed out why the company that made it will not repeat that exercise.

There's a lot of valid reasons to have large audience fiction end "well", one of them is the reception of the customers, others are rotted in all the things pointed out above.

None of that affects your position and as far as I have read, there was not a single reaction like the one you paraphrased (and to which Cloe agreed).