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Volatility needs a rewrite into a shape. At present it's Repeating without limit or downside.
That volatility should become a shape is incorrect. Doing so would drastically reduce its usefulness and essentially make it a more expensive and arguably weaker version of the chain shape (aside from when dealing with groups of enemies that are easily killed with a single shot where the lack of limit or weakening subsequent shots makes it quite useful). However, you are correct it is presently overpowered. My suggestion for correcting this would be twofold. First, don't allow clinging to trigger it. Second, make it similar to the chain augment, in which each rank of it only allows one step. So if you add it once, the first shot you fire can trigger (if it has an area, any creatures that die in the area trigger it, if it's chain, each creature hit in the chain of the first shot could trigger it). However, for those shots to be able to trigger the effect, you need to add another rank of it. This would allow it to be more in keeping with the original intent (which seemed to intend for it to be combine with various shapes) while still reducing the power to a more manageable level.