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    Quote Originally Posted by Traab View Post
    Too be honest, the main thing that has stopped me from trying to learn a martial art is the fact that while I was in school I fought a LOT of "martial artists." Mainly karate and tae kwon do, and generally speaking, its embarrassing how quickly a 12 year old loses a fight when he tries to pull off some fancy move only to realize, yeah, he doesnt have the speed to do that sort of thing without getting his butt kicked yet.
    any 12 year old doing any kind of martial arts believes himself to be Bruce Lee's kind of part of the mystique and most martial artists who started out young will have to admit to a similar frame of mind at some stage in their life... then they get into their first couple of fights and learn some sense (also, put on some weight and develop some actual muscle power..)

    I've practiced Kung Fu and Tae Kwon do for a number of years, during high school.. tried to pick it up later but life kind of got in the way
    During those years I've learned the basics, a few fancy moves that are never to be used away from a padded environment unless you've actually practiced away from a somewhat padded environment (and I had not)... but most importantly, I've learned the mystique art of
    In other words, common sense, worldwide travel experience, a healthy dose of cynicism and those basic instincts developed through martial arts have taught me when to walk away, when to avoid confrontation, what path to walk down on on a dark night in a strange neighbourhood, what the quickest ways are to arm myself with something useful for self defence, what situations not to get into, how to steer conversations away from a fist-fight and how to make the other guy believe that getting in a fight with me really is not the smartest move he'll ever make.
    So far, I've only been unable to avoid a fight on 2 occasions, after my formative years, and I came out on top in I'd say I'm doing rather well.
    I do like to think that whatever little I learned in my martial arts training has to do with the mindframe that gets me out of hairy situations when I stumble in one and with how I approach "reading" the people I interact with..whether that makes me a martial artist of sorts or not, I don't know.
    probably not.
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