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    Luke cage

    Hobgoblin chortles as he watches you grab the blades. "Hey Goofball, your IQ needs to be this," holds up seven fingers, "high to ride the ride!" He then points all Seven fingers at you as they begin to glow.

    "Now get!" He says as they fire at you, the pain causing you to let go of the glider.
    I feel really sorry for you man, the reaction failed That's just bad luck. On the plus side Plot Points! Take 2 pp as I add a d6 and a d8.

    You have D8 physical stress. Also did u remember to add 1xp because your facing a challenge in your neighbourhood?

    Doom pool is 4d6+2d8+1d12!

    As Cage hits the ground, he hears the Hobgoblin remark with a sneer,

    "At least Iron Foot put up a decent fight. At least it won't take long before we get to finish him off." He laughs again at his own cruelty.

    inflicting Emotional Stress. Why? Because I can.

    Solo d8, Insane (the fact he is crazy makes the threat more realistic) d8, Flight d8 (could get to the hospital at anytime if you can't stop him), Menace Expert d8= 4d8 → [8,3,8,1] = (20)

    16 with a d8 effect, one opportunity. To be fair I didn't add mental stress because being groggy would have made it difficult to hear what he said-making the threat less effective.

    I will finish off the rest of the watcher characters later-my iPad is dying and I have to go filming later. It might not come up until this evening. Luke feel free to post a reaction though. However PCs u can act like its your turn if you are around.
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