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"A strange game. The only winning move is not to play."
Yea and Nay. You've got to start somewhere, so the trick is in failing under controlled conditions so it's not public an you don't wind up with crippling bone formation. It like dancin in that way. Everyone sucks the first time. But hen that first time is could be completely different than what you'd expect.

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...avoiding combat is not a style. Avoiding combat is accomplished by being aware and being able to run further, or longer, or more efficiently than the opponent. There is nothing opposing / aggressive about it. Studying one's habits when running and trying to improve them can be construed as an art, but not exactly martial.

In other words, "Considering Retreat as a military tactic does not fill an entire art. It is one technique and a useful one."

...traditional martial arts styles having a, "...dirty secret about cross-training," is approximate to saying, "All hand puppet actors failed ventriloquism." Every person's body is different. A wise teacher will tell their student which parts of the particular style that they teach will function for the student and which will not. Those that care about the student will encourage them to seek good instruction else-where where the style in question falls short.

Real fighters and warriors are not dedicated to one school or style. They seek out what works for them, what will work against a variety of opponent types, and then hone their skills. A martial artist is interested in the art itself and the transmission of the collection from one mind to the next. Kata can be very beautiful and it gives the artist some-thing constructive to do with their body and mind other than thinking about and / or practicing hurting others.

...I'm very sorry if any of this comes off as curt. It just seemed that there was some...myth / rhetoric rearing up in the thread. I mean no offense.
Well put. But I do not see the problem with rhetoric? Though checking to make sure we were on the same page shows that I've been working with an incorrect understanding of rhetoric.