I agree with whoever up there said that there isn't any best style and that, most times, you have to broaden your experience to be at all ranges in a fight.
Styles aside, one thing that you need to emphasis, IMHO, is to be almost obsessive about training. I see people who do the twice (or once) a week class for an hour and expect that to be the thing that saves them in a fight.
I study a style of Hapkido and our main emphasis is joint locks. We do grappling, forms, punching, kicking, weapons, etc. When I practice at home or when I get down to the dojang to practice on off time, I do as much as I can so that when I'm in class I can choose to emphasis the joint locks and grappling because in the three fights I've been in since I started about 20 years ago, it was the joint locks and grappling that ended the fights for me. This book to me is a great primer (even if his ideas on nutrition are horrible).