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    Default Re: Class and Level Geekery IX: the thread levels up again!

    Quote Originally Posted by Crusher View Post
    This was probably brought up at some point in the past, but searching a bit didn't turn anything up so I figured I'd ask. In SoD, when Xykon gets turned into a Lich, there's the 7 Million Dollar man parody page. It lists Xykon as being:

    Heavy Duty: 16d12

    Normal Duty: 12d8

    What does this refer to? Are there different versions of lich? 12d8 seems awfully low for something as powerful as a lich.
    I don't know what your copy of SoD says, but mine says this:

    Necromantic Neuro-Link
    Bipedal Assembly
    Catalog 666-13B
    Arcane Feedback Terminated
    Power Supply:
    Negative Energy Plane
    16d12 Continuous Duty
    Overload Followers:
    12d8 Intermittent Duty

    Class Sorcerer
    (italics mine)

    I believe that 12d8 "intermittent duty" refers to Redcloak in some way, since it's his job to keep Xykon on full HP. Neither Harm nor any of the Inflict spells work like that though. Maybe it refers to Redcloak's hit dice at the time?
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