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You'll learn which moves you actually can pull off against a resisting enemy if your training includes free sparring instead of just practicing those 'fancy moves' against someone who mostly cooperates. About 1/4 of our Jujutsu sessions is ground randori, and of the dozens more or less fancy moves we learned I used rather few in there(granted, a good number assume you are standing instead of on the ground). I usually just go for the throat, and I'm at a point where I can reliably choke someone with a bit less experience with no way for them to get out of the hold. Quite useful I think, as I surmise street thugs are more likely to train a martial art focused on kicking/punching than wrestling.

I'm still rather novice, so I still need to get to the point where I can use most moves against someone who really doesn't want me to. Most things I do are improvised and less than ideal. Though I wish I could replicate that joint lock where I used just my legs.
How do you define free sparring? If two students spar, there are still rules like "stay within this martial art", so even though we're resisting each other and trying to hit each other, I can't grapple with someone at taekwondo practice. It makes a kicking-heavy martial art rather less useful when you don't learn how not to get tripped up when someone catches your leg.