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    Default Re: The Culture explores 40K II: Now With 100% more Fanfiction

    Quote Originally Posted by jseah View Post
    I wonder how long the IoM might take to lose its xenophobia if the Culture just continue to be helpful.

    At least a generation maybe? The Culture can wait that long if they have to.
    Longer. Remember an Imperial 'Generation', at least for the Elites, is several hundred years (what with Rejuvenat treatments). Also consider at least ten thousand years of entrenched xenophobia, taught from birth. Also remember that if you are a brain in a jar, you can live to be like 1000 or more (ie, via cybernetic resurrection, or being a Dreadnaught, or if you are a Navigator who is plugged in to your ship...). Also remember the fact that they have Stasis technology, and time spent in the Warp is different than time spent in the real world.

    Can they wait 1500 years? 2000? All the time with Tau expanding their empire and taking up more and more of the Eastern planets, with obvious Culturetech? Won't the IoM notice that?? The Imperium would have to enter a new 'Age' for this to change. IE, the current Age is the Age of the Imperium, and it is currently in the Time of Ending. This would have to change, in a way that people notice, on a large scale, for the Imperium to not be Xenophobic.
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