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    Quote Originally Posted by Lex-Kat View Post
    Day 14

    Super Dark walked down the secret passageway. A globe of dark-light hovering over his head to light his way. I bet there's some secret weapon I can use, or a great treasure vault filled with gold and treasure. he grinned madly to himself, thinking of all the things he could buy with such riches.

    Around the corner of the opening, the passageway turned cold and damp. The walls earthen and bare. Stalactites hanging from the ceiling, dripping water down to form stalagmites. Dark Spark frowned at this. Already? I would think he'd keep a neater secret passage. Then he smiled greedily. Must be a penny-pincher. Only buying enough to keep up appearances. The rest... is all mine!! Ha hahhahaa!! *Cough cough*

    Dark Spark then continued on. After a very looooong time, he finally came to a large cavern. Unable to see the exit, he spread his wings and flew to the other end, assuming it would be there. But there was nothing. He tapped the wall with his hooves, searching for another secret passage, but it was solid rock.

    He looked about, trying to see where he had to go next, and he noticed an old rickety wooden elevator ten paces to the left. He ran over, and after a quick inspection, took a couple steps back, looking up to where the lift would take him.

    About five stories up, he found the next passageway. Deciding to skip the deadly conveyance, Dark Spark spread his wings, and flew up instead. What he was sure would be an easy little flight, winded him for some reason, and he was barely able to grab the ledge before plummeting to his doom.

    He pulled himself up, then looked back down, breathing hard. It now looked to be a lot further up than he'd first estimated. He could barely see the elevator box from here. But he'd made it. He had to continue on. And this treasure better darned well be worth it.

    Weakened by the long walk, the mysteriously long flight, and having to pull himself up those last couple inches, Dark Spark only noticed one thing as he clomped along. The floor of the passageway was now nice and smooth. Marble, maybe? Whatever it was, it sure was pretty. He began to pant, his mouth getting dry. He needed water, or anything really. He turned a corner, and his brain barely registered that the marble-like floor turned to rough stone. That is, until he walked into something hard and solid.

    He bounced back onto his tired tail, and rubbed his head with a hoof. He looked up with a scowl, hatred filling his mouth with words, but his mouth dropped open and said not a one of them. Bars!? He immediately stood up and turned to go back. But there was no marble passageway now, only three bare stone walls. And a realization came to him. A recognition of where he was. NOOOOOO!! he yelled out, and then a golden glow surrounded his new home.

    Dark Spark (Super Dark33) found his way to a magical prison. He was a Town Pony.

    Night 14 Begins
    It will last about 48 hours.

    Missed 1 Day

    Missed 2 Days

    AL- Replacements

    Player list
    {table=head]#|Player|Character|Killed? |Role
    01|Bladescape C'Nor|||
    02|Count Dingdong Sitzkrieg|||
    03|Grue Bait|Grue Bay||
    04|Penguinator|Orange Cadence||
    05|planswalker|Yellow Pants (literally)||
    06|Reinholdt Matthais2207|||
    07|TBFProgrammer|(a stubborn mule)||
    08|Tom the Mime|Barrister Trotalot, PC||
    28|Super Dark33|Dark Spark|Day 14|Town Pony
    27|Istari|Dr. Whooves|Night 13|Spitfire
    26|Elemental|Ember Metal, Count von Sterling|Day 13|SuperCharged Town Pony
    25|EvilRoeSlade|Batmare|Night 12|Soarin'
    24|inky13112|Sour Bloom|Day 12- AL|Rarity
    23|usourselves&we|Ghost, Bones, and Metallic|Day 12|SuperCharged Town Pony
    22|Diego Havoc|Elixir|Night 8-11 WIN!|Discord
    21|TigerFang|TigerPony|Night 11|Town Pony
    20|Sitzkrieg 52.5 Lemons|???|Day 11- AL**|{Replaced by Count Dingdong}
    19|Alarra|Musings|Day 11|Changling
    18|52.5 Lemons|Sub-Lime|Day 8- AL**|{Replaced by Sitzkrieg}
    17|Eternis|Dorian Grey|Day 8|Princess Cadance
    16|Castaras|Old Fruit|Night 7|Changling 3- Shifted
    15|C'Nor|Senorita Cha Cha|Day 7- AL**|{Replaced by Bladescape}
    14|Murska|(Definitely NOT a green-eyed pony named Verde Invidia o.o)|Day 7|Changling 2
    13|Atreyu, the Masked Llama|Rocky Horror Llama|Night 6|Town Pony Llama
    12|GnomeGninjas|Gninja Ninja|Day 6|Queen Chrysalis
    11|Forum Explorer|Thinking Cap|Night 5|Town Pony
    10|Gray Mage|Rainy Charge|Day 5|Shining Armor
    09|Rogue Nine Internet Flea|Silver Star|Night 4|Town Pony
    08|Mangosta71|Dread Pony Roberts|Day 4|Town Pony
    07|Ramsus|Emperor Treasure|Night 3|Pinkie Pie
    06|Matthias2207|Warpony Tarquin|Day 3- AL**|{Replaced by Reinholdt}
    05|Internet Flea|Sugar Shock|Day 3- VA*|{Replaced by Rogue Nine}
    04|Grimmace, the|Jazzberry Jam|Day 3|Darkwing Pony
    03|Otakuryoga|Ballast Control|Night 2|Rainbow Dash
    02|Reinholdt|Mister Buttons|Night 1|Town Pony
    01|Rogue Nine|Grumpy Bear|Day 1|Town Pony Bear
    * Voluntary Absence
    **Auto Lynch
    and Palatino Linotype Bold
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