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Although it looks more like you have to actually be able to cast the specific spell list, as the term seems to actually be referring to not just spells castable by the class, but the specific setup of spells which make up that list.
It's the latter - but even if it were the former, it would still only apply to those specific spells from the paladin list anyway, so it's hardly broken.

I know it's the latter because of the wording used by individual classes. Clerics cast spells that "are drawn from the cleric spell list", Wizards cast spells that "are drawn from the sorcerer/wizard spell list" and Paladins cast spells that "are drawn from the paladin spell list." So Clerics, even when casting spells that they have in common with other classes (like Paladins) are still drawing from the cleric spell list to do so. Battle Blessing therefore does not apply to them.

Compare this wording to that of the Archivist - he does not "draw from the Archivist spell list" because there isn't one. Instead, he "draws primarily from the cleric spell list, although he can eventually uncover, learn and prepare noncleric divine spells."