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Yea, as time goes on, I am getting less and less enthusiastic about those sources... but I still am trying to represent the relevant parts of their viewpoint, when they have something meaningful that I can parse into here...

Maybe it means, 'hey, we are pointing all of these guns at you, give us our territories and artifacts back, or we kill you'?

Or would it say 'threatening' rather then 'negotiating' if it meant that?? Or is this the diplomacy of 'you do this, we will let you live, rather than killing you AND taking these things'??
Treating enemies as honorable foes is one of the other alternatives, so probably not (the page-quote is from a Necron Lord's ultimatum to a Hive World, saying they are trespassing on his land and he will honorably give them one month to evacuate)...I think it's so much of a minority because it requires an unusual set of circumstances - the Necron Lord in question must wake up A) sufficiently intact and sane, B) in command of insufficient troops to pursue a military option, and C) be of the genuine disposition to want to pursue a non-military option. C) is the hardest to achieve, because pacifist Necrons didn't last very long in the War of Heaven. There's also the 'introverted/isolationist' flavor who kill anyone that visits them, but otherwise ignores everyone else while they focus on internal power struggles and rebuilding for centuries.