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Thread: Lucid Dreaming skill rework (3.5)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debihuman View Post
    It could be but it is makes more sense to have it as an Insight bonus or a Circumstance bonus since it comes from having the skill. Untyped bonuses stack and this probably shouldn't.

    Um... It doesn't come from having the skill (Though I did make it Insight). It comes from the inherent instability of the fact that (at least in my interpretation) it's easier to stop yourself from changing than to change somebody else (Hence Insight - you know yourself). The skill can be used untrained for minor effects and defending yoursel-

    Oh. I forgot to put that bit in, didn't I.

    Yep. Oops.


    On another note, the class I was doing this rework for is... Well, it's nowhere near complete, but it is public. Here.
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