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    Default Re: The Culture explores 40K II: Now With 100% more Fanfiction

    Quote Originally Posted by jseah View Post
    I like the out-think himself idea. Planning something now. It'll probably be quite heavily modified by the time I manage to fit it in.

    Besides, friendly relations with the Necrons pisses off the Eldar, which gives me something to write about for them.
    Remember, the thing about the Eldar is, well take the IoM. They will often work alongside the Eldar because they are clearly less evil than the Orks, Chaos, 'Nids, etc.

    But they never trust them. Because they aren't lying when they say you can't trust the Eldar. If the Eldar can concieve of a way for them to advance at the cost of the Culture, they'd do it without blinking. If they found some combination of tricks and misdirections that would result in their empire returning and/or their souls no longer being at risk from Slaanesh but the cost was all of the Imperium and every single Culture citezan (biological or otherwise) writhing in agony at the heart of the Eye of Terror till the end of time...

    Well, they've plenty of time to write sad poems about your noble sacrifice while they enjoy being an empire and not being eating by Slaanesh anymore. It's barely even a question.

    So, yeah. Easy to underestimate how much the Eldar could provide for you to write about, in theory at least.
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