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Also, I wonder how the rangers and paladins would fit into this scheme. And speaking of rangers, I'm curious as to whether they'll keep being shoehorned into two fighting styles or not.
My guess is that they'll get spells as their selectable resource, and they'll either have one or two active abilities (smite evil and lay on hands for the paladin, say, or quarry and camouflage for the ranger) or focus on passive abilities (divine grace and auras for the paladin and favored enemy and terrain for the ranger). I doubt they'll get the fighting style treatment this edition, partly because they're making an effort to go "old school" and the TWF/archery styles are a 3e/4e thing, partly because the fighter has the fighting styles this time around and giving the ranger Sharpshooter or a TWF fighting style is (A) stepping on the fighter's toes even more than giving him expertise dice would and (B) fairly arbitrary if there are other prepackaged styles already.

I've already stated my preference that the ranger's schtick be "monster hunter," with corresponding suites of abilities, and my belief that that's the only thing the ranger has that it doesn't share with the fighter (like its weapon styles) or rogue (like its stealth focus). Given the current state of the playtest they very well might give the ranger fighting styles and skill mastery for stealth to see what people will accept, as with the continuous tweaking of turn undead and expertise dice, but I hope they try to give the partial-casters more uniqueness than that.