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Thread: Simple Q&A D&D 3.5 (by RAW) XXII

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    Can you enchant a weapon with stat bonuses?

    Say i want a quarterstaff that gives me +2 to inteligence, is that legal.

    Wondrous items that donít match the affinity for a particular body slot should cost 50% more than wondrous items that match the affinity.

    So is it legal?
    Not sure on the official answer there, but fyi, a magic weapon isn't a "wondrous item". As far as I know, stat-boosting items MUST occupy a body slot, even if it's not the traditional one. An item held in your hands can't accomplish this, as best I can tell.
    A36 clarification: Ioun stones are slotless wondrous items, some of which provide an enhancement bonus to statistics (at a +100% cost), and can be sundered (like a weapon). Also, some wondrous items can be used as weapons (see Mattock of the Titans)

    I see nothing prohibiting it. However, as with any custom magic item, you must ensure that your DM approves the construction, and assigns the cost (I recommend +100% of a slotted statistic enhancement bonus item).
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    So now you're claiming that spellcasting "lacks a clear, supernatural element?" Being supernatural is literally the only point of magic.

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