US Agent and Deadpool

As Scorcher finds himself surrounded, he raises his arms at both enemies. "Grim Reaper, seriously finish things off with your little BDSM buddy, I need some back up!"

Suddenly the sound of glass shattering (again ) turns both PCs heads as a figure comes through the glass wall. The man is floating on what seems to be jet boots, while wearing a purple costume decorated with numerous boomerangs.

"G'day mate! Sorry for the delay, but I was looking for Deadpool. The miscreant must have gone off the grid. I even hit his favourite strip clubs-you know the one with the 70s theme? There was this one chick called Bea or something and man what she could do with a turn of phrase-"


"Yeah Scorchie?"

"I promise that you stop talking and start throwing your boomerangs, I won't burn you alive when we're through. Are we clear-" At this point the Australian began quickly and haphazardly throwing boomerangs at the two heroes.

"Crystal Scorchie."

Captain Boomerang is throwing explosive boomerangs at US agent and Deadpool. I'm triggering his SFX: Dual Boomerangs: Step down and double the Gimmick Boomerangs die from Boomerang Gear. Spend a d6 from the doom pool to attack two targets.

I'm not certain from the phrasing of that sfx whether that means I get two effect die, or the same effect die affects two PCs. I'm going with the former if no one corrects me.

Buddy d4+ Perfect Pitching Arm d8+ Deadly Accuracy d10+ Gimmick Boomerangs 2d8+ Combat Expert d8=
1d4+1d8+1d10+2d8+1d8 → [3,5,8,3,3,2] = (24)

13 result with an effect die of d8 and d8 on Deadpool and US agent respectively. The intent is physical stress.

Doom pool is 3d6+2d8+1d12.

Scorcher just shakes his head and begins blasting both heroes with his flamethrowers.

Using area effect to hit both of you heroes. Intention is to inflict (or in the case of US agent step up) the complication-set on fire.
Buddy d8+ Hot Tempered d4 (step up a d8 to d10)+ Flame Blast d10+ Set on Fire (complication) d8+ 1d6 (area effect sfx)=
1d8+1d4+1d10+1d8+1d6 → [5,4,9,6,3] = (27)

Result is a 15 with an effect die of 8 on both Deadpool and US agent. The complication is 'set on fire'.

Remember-if you want to fight the complication 'stop drop and roll'!

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Doom pool is 3d6+1d8+1d10+1d12.