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    "Well darn! I used my Guns, but it wasn't very effective!"

    The Merc with the Mouth gave the Sentinel of Liberty a big thumbs up, "Don't worry, Cap, I'll save you!" Guns were immediately tossed aside while Deadpool began searching his inventory.

    "Ah, yes, a katana! The very best they is! When you absolutely, positively, gotta dismember every B-Lister in the room? Accept no substitutes! Hikibah! Hah!" With that, he jumped at Flame Guy like the Spartan guy in that one movie. Did you ever see that? So cool! We could use some slow down and speed up action in here! Where's Zack Snyder when you need him?!

    Affiliation: Buddy (1d8)[2] (Cap & Deadpool's Marvelous Marvel Team-Up!)
    Distinction: Totally Insane (1d8)[7] (Who attacks an Iron Man knockoff with a sword? Deadpool, that's who! Also Jedi.)
    Toys For Boys: Weapon (w/ Unnecessary Sales-Boosting Violence, of course!) (2d8)[5]
    Weapon X Augmentation: Enhanced Strength (1d8)[5] (Thanks, Canada!)
    Specialties: Combat Master (1d8)[6] (Stepped back by one to use the 'They Can Cut Through A Tank...Honest!' SFX! Rules!)

    Total: 16
    Effect Die: d8
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