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    Default Re: Bleach VI: We Want Our Baby Bach Ribs (Aizen pull)

    Let's count the times Orihime could have dealt with things after learning she has god-like super powers:
    1. She could have destroyed the otherwise indestructible Hogyoku after Aizen was beaten, meaning we could have executed him and removing him as a threat forever. Instead she just played nurse to Ichigo like she always does.
    2. Undo Ichigo's loss of Soul Reaper powers. True, it makes (or would have made) a better ending, but it would have kept him from spending seventeen months moping about and we could have avoided the Fullbring arc altogether.
    3. Fix-up Momo. Toshiro would still have had the motivation to train harder, not that we're ever going to see the results of it at this rate.
    4. Fix Renji's bankai. Don't think Ikkaku would ask...though he did tell Mayuri, so maybe his too.
    5. Fix Ichigo's bankai, and thus spare us from whatever idiocy is going to happen in the next few chapters.
    6. Restore Soul Society, bring back every Soul Reaper who was killed and give Bach and his cronies a giant middle finger.
    7. Restore the stolen Bankais, undo everyone's injuries. Shunsui would continue to wear the eyepatch because it makes him more badass.

    5, 6, and 7 will not happen because she and Chad were sent home. For some reason.
    Seriously, Kubo. If you're going to give someone other than Ichigo the power of deus ex machina at least have them use them once in a while, or give us believable reasons why they can't use them. I believe it was stated that Hachi from the Vizards has similar powers to Orihime, but he couldn't heal Ichigo's injuries from Grimmjow because of interference from the arrancar's "weird reiatsu," and Orihime was given the same excuse for not being able to heal him during the fight with Secunda Etapa Ulquiora, but she has brought four people back from the dead and Ichgio back from the brink of death. All five of these injuries were inflicted by arrancars, and three of them by Ulqiorra. Does he seriously care this little about plot consistency?
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