Alex Delarge
Rivalz Cardemonde might be a born follower destined to never amount to more then a supporting character in somebody else's story, but he's about bright enough not to be completely comfortable around you. You did stick a knife at him a few times, and he finds your smiling, charming manner and sociopathic undertones extremely scary. Too scary to say no to in fact.
Besides, who doesn't want to be rich?
"Sure!" He says, in a fair imitation of brightly. "Hey, who doesn't want to be rich, am I right?" You couldn't ask for better patsy material.
He even comes with his own transport. Sure, it's a bit beneath your dignity to passenger on a glorified electric scooter, but if the book delivers as promised (and your ever-present confidence won't let you believe otherwise) then chances are you'll be able to ride out in style.
"So where too?"

Beast, Smedry
Jack Frost has just a moment for his face to fall and his mouth to open before you pull the trigger. "Oh -" One can only guess what would have followed that single sylable, but it is my belief it would not have been 'dearie me.'
Then he shatters, reduced to pinkish icy chunks that rain out of the sky, leaving almost no trace at all. Jack Horner only smiles, unconcerned and above-it-all. "Good shooting, ace. Does the eyes good to see shooting as good as that on occasion. And you couldn't have picked a better target. To be honest, hated that absolutely uptight tit. There'll be another Jack Frost along by the time I get back, maybe he'll crack a smile on occasion." The office of Jack Frost has indeed been steadily filled by one Jack after another since Horner first conned the Queen of Winter Lumi out of the powers, but he exaggerates. They shall take some time to settle.
Jack Horner paused. It had gotten through his momentous ego that he'd just had the tables turned, and things were looking grim, once again, for the Jack's. "Oh. Right. Gun. Well, some-one should have told you, always four Jack's in a suit. Candle-Jack!"
A rope loops around Beast, and suddenly the big furred mutant is weightless and insubstantial, the gun slipping out of his fingers. A figure wrapped in a hood of sack-cloth holding a candle floats down behind him, indistinct as smoke, dark and shadowy and ragged having appeared from nowhere at all when he was called as he always did, his dark eyes fixed on his prize. "Boo." He says to Doctor McCoy. SCREAM!
Unlike the other Jack's, this one was a total mystery. What was he exactly? Nobody knew. Some whispered he began when Smiling Jack Candle the bandit rode the Wild West murdering and pillaging his way until he was beaten to death by an unarmed lawman, others whisper he is some boogie-man that feeds on the fears of children, but whatever he is, it would seem Jack Horner can direct him.
Horner winks. "That's him taken care of. Now it's just you Smedry. And knowing you, you've got some way to make sure we don't take you alive. Well if that's the cut of your jib, then fine, but you're companions aren't worth a treat without you. So this time you only get a warning. Don't try anything, or I'll polish off these two." He smiled, then picked up his shirt. "Take 'em away boys."

Lelouch hesitates, then acquiesces with a nod. He is reluctant to reveal his resources and connections, but he did promise, and a man was only as good as his word. Of course, by the same token he has no intention of telling you how he gets the information. Too many people know the truth about him already. "I shall endeavor to see you there. And while I have never had the occasion to hold a sword before, I suspect you shall find me a quick study." With that he turns and walks away.
You've had a singular day.