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    Have now seen them all. By far my favorite is Young Tarquin, though of course I have a special place for Sabine (we should probably not discuss exactly where). Also kudos on giving Female Roy a hairstyle that actually looks like (s)he stuck a mop on his(her) head.

    Issues I noticed:
    1. Jirix doesn't look orange. Does he have the same skin as the random hobgoblin? Maybe the armor is creating a bad contrast or something.
    3. For some reason Lien and Ochul have a different screen without the mini-window to the right. Also Ochul doesn't seem to actually be holding his sword; it looks as if he stuck it in the ground so it would stand up and then placed his hand next to the handle.

    I definitely think you should do a Durkon and a Xykon just for completeness's sake, even if you can't make them very good. I'd also vote for Bozzok and maybe a few other Rogues on the same basis (Old Blind Pete might be hard to do since I doubt SC offers you sunglasses, and Hank doesn't do any fighting as far as we can see but you could just put him in for the sake of the costume). Bozzok is fairly boring and the rest of the Rogues are even more forgettable, but...well, you've got "random ninja" and "guy with a halberd", so it's not like this is an exclusive club.

    Oh, and Grubwriggler for sure, that's my actual request, the others are just me being a completist. And maybe Girard Draketooth, but I'd imagine the options for tattooing a dragon on your face are limited. Anyway the Order of the Scribble are fairly generic-looking so no big if you can't get them done.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Epic View Post
    Pff. Guy with a halberd is totally overrated.
    Actually this thread got me to go try and figure out what the deal was with Guy with a Halberd (also Bandana Paladin who was mentioned in the original GWAH thread). After paging through the entire Battle of Azure City - there are at minimum two different Guys with a Halberd (the one who says "screw that I quit" when the hobgoblins charge the breach, and the one who was guarding the winch for the castle gate until a hobgoblin ninja killed him), and possibly more than that (a GWAH asks the cook why he dumped non-heated oil, another is standing near Hinjo while he talks, another looks alarmed as the hobs first approach, and there's probably a couple more I forget or didn't catch; it's not clear to me whether these are all the same person as each other or as the first two).

    Oddly, the poster who started the GWAH thread has a banner image showing GWAH on the castle wall as a hobgoblin climbs up, but that image isn't found in the comic as far as I can see.
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