Changelog! Night of the Living Nerfs, unfortunately, but a side new Enhanced Armaments effects might help make it up.

  • Twinned Device has been hit with the nerfbat in a single, simple respect. You are no longer provided with the means to wield all the weapons you summon. It is still quite possible to go crazy multiweapon mode, but you need to go outside the class itself to find some way of getting extra arms or wielding extra weapons the simplest is likely playing a multi-armed race (something much easier to pull off in gestalt), but there are other options.
  • Volatile is no longer a WMD. Though it still utterly shreds crowds of weak enemies.
  • Extra Enhancement feat added. More options for champs, and opens up a new school of customization to zodiacs/stargazers interested in it.
  • Conduit added as an Enhanced Armaments option for costumes. There seems to be a lot of demand for a 'clothing' costume type without any ASF. Rather than add an entire new costume archetype, this single Enhancement ought to make casters quite comfortable in medium or light costumes.
  • Effortless added as an Enhanced Armaments option for devices. With the Twinned Device nerf, no reason to not allow this.
  • Technical added as an Enhanced Armaments option for devices. Trip, trip, trip like there's no tomorrow! Oh right, also disarms and sunders. Effects like this make me yearn for Pathfinder's CMB, they really do.
  • Blazing added as an Enhanced Armaments option for devices. Nothing says all enhancements have to be about brute force - particularly now that stargazers can access them to a limited extent.

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I have actually been sitting on some concerns about this for some time, but you guys really drove home how potentially messed up those routines could get.

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1. It's not a 100 motes, "only" 20 :-)

2. I said, "even with infinite penalies"; as is, you can have 16 attacks, 8 of them at your max attack bonus -4. Taking a Red Dragon as an example again, they'll hit on a 2 with sufficiently optimized build :-)

Edit: I guess I have to clarify my math a bit.
You have 4 attacks as a Chm20, plus 2 for surge of battles
Then, you have 20 motes invested into Twinned device, giving you 4 additional weapons to two you get from TD, for a total of six; with Greater Multi-Weapon Fighting you have two attacks from each of them, for a total of 10.

Of these 16 attacks, you have first attack from each weapon, and 2 from Surge, total of 8, at your max bonus (-4 for multi-wield). Rest are iterative attacks, 6 at -5, one at -10, and last at -15.

Of course, you can only use Surge when you need a bit of extra edge, using "only" 14 attacks, 6 of them primary, on other rounds, and having 20 motes open for Blasts or Barriers or whatever...
Most points I touched on above, but I'd like to thank you for providing an abbreviation for the Champion! It may sound silly, but I hadn't found a good one yet - Cha is out for obvious reasons, Cpn sounds overly nautical, and Cmp just tickles me the wrong way.

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Quite aside from the Weapon Finesse issue, I am going to be coming back to materials here. Because at higher levels, this is important.
I am wracking my brain, but I honestly cannot think of why materials would be vital. There is overcoming DR for weapons, and a number of minor boosts for armor (mithril being the most notable of the lot). This isn't discounting your point - in fact, please elaborate. I feel I'm probably missing something here. I'm actually working on some magical material based additions to the class, and want to make sure I'm not overlooking anything glaringly obvious.