1) Gravity oscillates wildly in the area around the shield. As a reverse gravity spell cast by a 12th level caster, except that the direction of the pull changes every round, decided by a d6

2) Viscous goo sprays out of the shield in a cone. roll a d100 to determine the consistency: 1-20 honey, 21-40 alchemist's fire, 41-60 aboleth mucus, 61-80 9 HD ocher jelly (will spend round after creation coalescing, then attack shield wielder), 81-100 positive energy infused ectoplasm (effects those hit as exposure to the positive energy plane until two full round actions are taken to scrape it off)

3) Shield transforms into a nimblewright (MMII pg 162) and does nothing but dance for 2d4 rounds. those watching must save or be enthralled. Nimblewright will not react to attacks, but striking it will cause further random effects.

4) A sailing ship appears 100 feet in the air 50 feet from the wielder in a random direction, then falls to the ground

5) Any deceased creature barring undead within 20 feet of the of the wielder is spontaneously reincarnated.

6) Person striking the shield is filled with a sudden, life altering revelation. They are dazed for 1d10 rounds, and gain a point of wisdom for every two rounds spent dazed. If they take damage they must pass a will save or snap out of it.

7) A 100ft line of timey-wimey stuff sprays from the shield for 4 rounds. Those caught in the line are hasted or slowed as by a 10th level caster.

8) The wielder grows a set of new permanent limbs. Roll a d6 to determine whether they are wings, humanoid arms, tentacles, goat legs, extendable wheels, or a two tails, one constricting and one stinging

9) Everyone within a 10 foot radius of the shield must save or randomly swap bodies with someone else who fails.

10) The shield's wielder and/or the person striking it becomes a werehouse. This unique form of lycanthropy causes the afflicted to transform into a Huge animate object (house) and either rampage randomly or seek out occupants every full moon. All people and objects brought into the werehouse during the transformation are spontaneously ejected as if bull rushed at the end of the night.