At hearing Hillary's statement Kidd collapses to the floor his hindquarters in the air and his fist pounding the ground in a childish tantrum. "Stop talking about it d*mmit! I know I'm asymmetrical garbage you don't have to rub it in! I should die!"

Then Robin pulls out the zanpakuto. Kidd's tantrum is halted quite abruptly as he sees it. When robin comes swinging at him he was on his feet in a split second his Skull Shields on both his arms blocking her sloppy strikes rather easily to due their size and Kidd's skill. His face is pulled into a very scary expression with a glare that would easily make one think that death was looking them in the face. "Where the HELL did you get that sword!!!!!" As he says this he attempts to use Soul Perception to look at her soul.

Liz and Patti

Seeing Stephanie struggle Liz and Patti ran forward to help her hold him down as Liz says, "The hell's wrong with you guy! You could f*cking killed someone!"

Maka and Soul

Maka nods to Cassandra as she shifts her scythe so that she is holding it in a non threatening position as she says, "I'm looking for Edward Cullen for that same reason. He is a dangerous individual. I'm guessing you don't know where he is either?"