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When did she do that?

The only time I recall Orihime healing Hollows or anything of the sort was with Grimmjoww's arm.
As said below, Loly and Menoly. Who are gigantic JERKS to her afterward. Like, making it their life goal to kill her, because she can revive them. I never quite understood their motivation for this. I think it was like..."I'm a hollow I want to die, why'd you save me you tart" but, god dangit, I'd be appreciative if I was literally ressurected from death.

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Grimmjow stopped Loly and Menoly from bullying her by killing them. Then Orihime brought them back to life. Or at least Menolly died, not 100% about Loly.

Actually, I was thinking she'd use her Koten Zanshun to destroy the Hogyoku itself, not reverse time on him. Don't say scary stuff like that, man!
Either way, she should of rejected Aizen and the Hogyoku back into whatever the spirit equivilent of atoms (Reisu, I guess).

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Was that the only time a spirit body was left though? She was incinerated, but maybe she wasn't... "completely dead" so to say. The wiki says the top of her body was blasted away, so if the bottom was still left, it could've worked. In most cases I remember it's just that spirits who've been killed disappear completely, though admittably in nearly all cases it's a shinigami killing a Hollow or arrancar.

Prolly one of those inconsistencies that've build up over time.

Oh! Yeah, that'd be a far better idea, if at all possible.

Orihime doesn't use that one often though, and its power depends upon her destructive intent.
That last bit, right there, is the part I actually forgot. Her powers are based on her will in that way. As a result, her shield should probably be nigh invulnerable, since her intent is to protect and shield her allies as much as possible. But if Orihime gets to do something, Ichigo doesn't get to do something. So we can't have that.