Laneside Bowling

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Whatever. Fine! :smallmad. It's not like it wants their attention or anything. "Mrow."

Laneside Bowling

It curls over the hand vent and seems to go to sleep.

Justin looks down at his jumpsuit. That's probably going to need a laundromat, and he probably needs to wash up. He hasn't told the Applehils yet, but he has a date further in the timeline today. "Yeah." Brand's right on this one.

No bathtub, though. Brand's gonna have to do the rag thing.
Shall we timeskip to the end of today's session? A clean kitchen and partially clean bathroom are a good start!

Hank's Hookahs

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Hank's Hookahs

"Read mostly, sometimes I like to go to the arcade in the mall and play the games there. I like to run as well, it helps me clear my head, I do my best thinking when running."

That is how they first meet actually, when he slipped during one of his runs and crashed into an alley near her.

"Ugh. Running. I hate that."
Charity says. She is a little flabby in places, as proof that beer is her friend and exercise is not.