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    This is amazing! Shame I'll never find a game/DM to play it in, most likely...

    EDIT: Probably obvious, but just for clarification purposes...

    1. I assume Dance with the Elements' bonus to Jump is in addition to the general +4 you get per 10 ft of speed above 30 ft.

    2. I assume the speed bonus, like the original monk's fast movement and the haste spell, applies to any movement mode you have a listed speed for. So someone drops a Fly spell on the monk, it applies to that; monk is an aquatic race with a swim speed, it applies to that; and so forth....

    And you know, I was thinking... Dance With the Elements should also benefit climb. And consider at some point adding the ability to cut the jump DC for vertical by half. With a DC of 4 per 1 ft jumped, even if you have a jump check of 100, you're only leaping 25 ft up.
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