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    "Now I have an S&M weirdo to look after and a nutjob...? Great... My life is just getting better and better these days. I could have been on the Avengers but instead I went off to work for SHIELD. What a great career move John... Oh, and you're still on fire! GAH!"

    Suddenly Walker senses a Boomerang headed straight for him. John suddenly sees an opportunity to do something that is both really flashy and will help end this fight faster. "I'M SICK OF YOU VILLAINS! YOUR TIME IS UP CAPTAIN KANGAROO!" U.S.Agent takes his shield and hurls it right at the Boomerang. The two objects hit in mid-air, sending walker's Shield off into the Abandoned Trains. Being made of Vibranium means that the Shield will bounce right off and - if he gets the angle just right - fly right at Captain Boomerang's throwing arm, hopefully dislocating or breaking it.


    Using Ricichet: Step up or double weapon die against a single target, remove highest die, use 3 dice for result.

    Buddy (1d8)[3]
    Arrogant (1d4)[3] +1 PP
    Abandoned Trains (1d8)[6]
    Enhanced Strength (1d10)[1]
    Weapon 1 (1d8)[4]
    Weapon 2 (1d8)[5]
    Combat Expert (1d8)[3]

    If I beat your 13, I intend to spend 1 of my Plot Points to use my Effect die against Captain Boomerang to inflict a "Broken Throwing Arm" complication against him.

    So... 1 Opportunity.

    I automatically loose the 6.

    I use 3 dice for my total... So 5+4+3 = 12.

    I will spend a PP to use add another die to my total, which is now 15.

    I will then spend my last PP to create a d8 Complication against Captain Kangaroo Boomerang called "Broken Throwing Arm".

    PP: 0

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