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    Default Re: The Culture explores 40K II: Now With 100% more Fanfiction

    Quote Originally Posted by jseah View Post
    Would the Eldar even want to know anything the Culture gives them on Chaos if it originates from the Necrons?
    I... have no idea. Hmmm.

    Quote Originally Posted by jseah View Post
    What might the Tau react if the Culture offered an exchange of data on Chaos? (I really ought to start all first contacts with that)
    Publicly? With stoicness and thanks for the exchange of information. Privately? With amazement and confusion and attempts to verify and double check it -- they have fought chaos, including Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Sorcerers, and they knew at least the names of the Chaos gods, but they never really had any much larger context in a meaningful way about what was going on and its implications. They knew what the Imperium thought of Chaos in general, and what their own reports had said, and what some of the psykers from their allied races have said -- but the gaps in their knowledge are quite enough to prevent them from seeing the whole/broader picture. Tau are described as innocent and naive, in a very profound way...

    Quote Originally Posted by jseah View Post
    Do the Orks have any data on Chaos worth anything at all?
    "Dem Kaos boyz is good fightin!" (IE, no...) Also, I thought Orks tainted by Chaos was so rare as to essentially be unheard of?
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