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How do we even know that she's as powerful as you all think she is? Because Aizen said so? Cause he's totally a reliable source of information and has never deceived anyone before?

You guys are just intentionally putting the worst spin possible on every single thing that happens so that you have a reason to complain.
Because Aizen is the only source we have. No, he isn't a reliable source by any stretch of the imagination, but until someone within the series comes up with another theory of how they work then we're kind of stuck with Aizen. Even Ulquiorra-- in his own thoughts, mind you-- noted that her powers are more than simple healing or even manipulation of time and space.

I can't speak for the others, but the only reason I complain is because I know Bleach can be better. I never complained until Kubo started going out of his way to make sure Ichigo was the only one who could beat Aizen.