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Thread: MHR-Fury's Secret War IC

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    US agent

    Boomerang smirked when he saw the explosion, before he heard a sound to his right.

    "What the-" CRUNCH! "OH jesus my arm!" As the shield neatly flies back into the US agent's waiting grasp, Captain Boomerang holds his right arm while screaming in pain. The arm is definitely at a weird angle.

    "This is why Bullseye got the adamantium lacing dip****." Scorcher remarks.

    "Shut up! I'm gonna kill this *******!" The Australian retorted!

    US agent you forgot to roll against Scorcher stepping up your fire complication. Oh don't forget, he has D4 physical stress from your first attack.

    US Agent, Luke Cage, you guys have actions left this round.
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