So I just saw it, and loved it to pieces.

Concerning Vanellope

Remember, the other Sugar Rushers didn't say she was glitched, they were saying she WAS a glitch. She wasn't supposed to be in the game.
And her teleport thing could be balanced, especially if she was intended as a special unlockable character, or if the other racers got their own nifty powers.

Concerning Calhoun

The impression I got was that since she was programmed with a certain personality, she couldn't develop as much of one on her own.

Ralph was programmed to "Wreck It", he didn't have much in the way of dialog. The personality that developed from that remained consistent with the personality given in the game. He was a big, angry guy who didn't like being forced to live in a junkyard.

Fix-It-Felix Jr isn't a game about Ralph being a cruel person, it's about him throwing a tantrum when his stump gets bulldozed.

The townsfolk were programmed to adore Felix and help him defeat Ralph.

From the outsiders perspective, Calhoun has MORE development than the other game characters. INSIDE the gameverse, this means that she has LESS room to have her own personality.
The Cybugs are programmed to be mindless animals, so that's where Their personality starts and there isn't anywhere it can go from there.