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    Default Re: Tome of Radiance: Mastering the Power of Love and Justice

    Eh. Conduit is kinda interesting, and does negate some of my complaints, so yeah.

    ETA: Oh, someone pointed out a problem with Twinned as if:

    So. .you have weapons that aren't light. Can't be thrown. Don't break. Don't Reload. Why would you ever have more than 1?

    ETA2: Last time, but:

    I appreciate Voltatile no longer being a WMD. Did you realize you made it per/rank? A 1d6 Volatile blast is 8 motes. 2d6 is 16, so on. By the time you can get higher damage it won't shred anything.

    ETA3: Ignore that. I was a bit dumb misreading the illumination section. It doesn't really matter, as I'm really kinda at a loss to figure out what a Champion does in Illuminations.

    Also: WHY are components class limited? If you'e a Champion you have very little options.
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