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part 7.5 IoM

Do the Necrons have any worthy data on Chaos besides their warp null fields?

Would the Eldar even want to know anything the Culture gives them on Chaos if it originates from the Necrons? (I presume the Culture has already given them the IoM data and that Culture and Eldar regularly update each other on Chaos)

What might the Tau react if the Culture offered an exchange of data on Chaos? (I really ought to start all first contacts with that)

Do the Orks have any data on Chaos worth anything at all?

I find it interesting that the Culture might actually be unwittingly playing a role in the 40k verse as a mediator of information. Many sides don't wish to talk to each other, but the Culture is powerful enough to trade in information since the sides have to step warily around them (and therefore have to talk)
No Necrons have almost no useful Chaos information. It wasn't a problem back then and they aren't very sensitive to the warp anyways. They might have some useful warp information but nothing else.

The Necrons certainly wouldn't know anything that the Eldar don't know about Chaos already.