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[Lisa's Home]

Due to Lisa's player's forgetfulness, Emmi may suddenly notice that Lisa's hair isn't her normal shade of brown. In fact, must like her brother's it appears to be turning white.

"People and animals mostly. Lemme show you." Lisa hopped off the couch and disappeared into her room. She returned with a couple large books in hand. She laid them out on the coffee table for Emmi to see.

"I have a bunch more than this, but these are my most recent ones." She explained as she started to flip through the pages. There was some evident themes. She explained briefly how she drew them as she went through.

"I try to practice a lot whenever I can pin someone down to pose for me. Nobody wants to hold still for that though. Except for Dimi; she's great about it. She's the one that wants to be a fasion designer that I told you about."
There were many pictures that were drawn realistically from people posing for her. Mostly various family members, but there were plenty of two unknown people. One a very short girl, probably a halfling, and the other a guy with elvish features. There were plenty of half finished pictures of animals too.

"A lot of these ones here are just me drawing by hand. I've been practicing a lot lately. Just by thinking up random characters and drawing them, you know?"
These next ones were drawn in a style reminiscent of anime, but she's definitely started working toward her own style. They look like they went right from her head to the paper. Many of them were of more cartoony animals. Even more were of couples in various situations. More often than not, both halves of these couples would be women.
[Lisa's Home]

Emmi flips through the pictures. When she notices the two models she leans the book closer and asks, "Are these two, friends of yours?" The girl pairing don't go unnoticed, but she's used to those sort of drawings. Her friend and guildmate Eve draws male couples all the time, rather proudly actually. "These are really good,