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    *Roll to determine a random monster. (1d3 or 1d6 for book, 1d6+2d10[d6for hundreds, 2d10=tens and ones] to determine the page: roll again if nothing comes up.) from the monster manuals/bestiary.

    This monster is launched from the shield at high velocity towards the striker. The striker is affected by a bull rush of a strength equal to the creature's CMD/bull-rush defence +1, and is pushed as far as possible by it. If they crash into anything, the launched monster, the striker, and the object/creature crashed into take damage as if his by a falling object of the creature's size. if this object crashed into is destroyed, the monster/striker duo keep moving.

    After the event, assuming the creature launched survives the experience, it is placed adjacent to the new position of the striker, and will move and act normally, trying to get out of the area by any means necessary.

    ** The shield, the weapon that struck it, and every item within 5d10 feet starts screaming constantly and horrifyingly. Everyone within the area is shaken on the first round, frightened on the next round they stay within the area, and panicked on the round after that. A will save (D.C= distance of the effect in feet) negates the effect. The screaming continues for 13 round regardless of anything else.

    *** The striker's weapon starts talking. In an annoying voice. A terribly annoying voice.
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