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    Default Re: Bleach VI: We Want Our Baby Bach Ribs (Aizen pull)

    Quote Originally Posted by Drolyt View Post
    We have proof that at least the captain is better, she couldn't heal Ichigo's reiatsu before the Aizen fight but Unohana could (she also says some things that make it sound like Orihime's healing works quite different from kido healing, but it isn't really consistent with what Aizen said. Maybe he was being figurative?).
    i believe the problem wasnt that orihime couldn't, it's just her technique isnt as good at it. and thus far we havent seen her shields move while active.

    kido, as unohana explains, fixes rietsu to cause physical improvement. meaning orihime's abilities have a different mechanism of action altogether. so "better" or "worse" isnt really applicable.
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