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    *Casts mirror image on the shield. Not the wielder or striker, the shield.

    * Wielder and striker spontaneously vomit flowers and rainbows,, staggering them for 1 round. For the next d6 rounds, anytime the shield is struck again both of them spontaneously vomit flowers once more, staggering them for another round. This occurs regardless of any other affects resulting from hitting the shield.

    * Delayed response: nothing occurs, but in 6d6 rounds, another random shield event activates. this affects the wielder as normal, and the striker as if he was still adjacent to the shield.

    *Summons a water elemental. Roll to determine it's behavior.
    1. water elemental fights for wielder
    2. water elemental fights for striker
    3. water elemental fights everyone. I'll take you ALL down!
    4. water elemental bursts all canteens and liquid-holding containers (with exceptions made for creatures,) then evaporates.
    5. water elemental mimics the actions of a random participant in the combat.
    6. water elemental dances to the tune of music only it can hear.
    7. water elemental fills all eligible empty/half empty containers with water (with the exception of creatures), then evaporates
    8. water elemental washes over all combatants, laving them sopping wet, then evaporates.
    9. water elemental splits into 1d4+1 lesser elemental: then roll again on the table for each of them.
    10. roll on the following table to determine what the water-elemental is actually made of, then roll on the above table again. a duplicate roll means that you roll again on each table, and that the elemental is made of both substances.
      1: booze. 2: soda 3. blood 4. liquid cocaine 5. petroleum. 6. 100% imitation water.

    Regardless of the result, roll 3d6. That's how many rounds the elemental lasts for, unless a result on the above table would contradict that. If you roll 3 sixes, the elemental is permanent.
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