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    Default Re: Well That Was Unexpected Thread II: Now with 230% more lasers!

    Quote Originally Posted by Emperor Ing View Post
    Nothing is what it seems. Yes, even that.

    Anyways, after an unholy amount of time waiting...Comic 561! And yes i'm going somewhere with this.

    Also, check this out.
    Google Chrome's Translation software is win
    And this artwork I made

    Also, why does Photobucket's new page say my name's Roger? I won't tell you it, but my IRL name's most certainly not Roger.

    Questions? Comments? Critique?
    Huh. For onec, the chosen one is someone that could actually deal with the problem even before going on his quest. (Well, if the problem wasn't the emperor.)

    And for two, . Translate English into English INDEED.

    Finally, is that death rocking out on that last picture?
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