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    Default Re: No plot, No problem- the NaNoWriMo thread 2012

    Okay, so, after taking a break from writing that ended up being four days long instead of two, and then getting sick, I lost a solid week and went from a 6000 word lead on the NaNo schedule to a solid 6000 words behind. But I'm feeling better and will be picking up again to finish writing the last three chapters of my book, starting with a three hour inter-class break sitting in the botanical gardens on campus tomorrow morning.

    Then I need to like, edit and add a few sections I'm thinking of adding, and we'll see if I'm anywhere near 50k when the book is done. If it doesn't get there, I might just start doing normal editing for grammar/phrasing/rewriting lines/consistency, and gradually start counting on NaNo the 12,000 words I wrote before November as I edit and improve them.
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