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ETA: Oh, someone pointed out a problem with Twinned as if:

So. .you have weapons that aren't light. Can't be thrown. Don't break. Don't Reload. Why would you ever have more than 1?
I'd note that there is an Enhanced Armaments that makes the weapon light.

That said, looking at that, and the Conductive enhanced armament, it occurs to me that there is something of an issue with some of these being things you'd quite likely want at first level (such as Effortless for someone who plans to duel wield, conductive for those who find it important and likely will lack any non-feat granted Enhanced Armaments, or Reach for those building around that). Given that, it seems it may be worth granting a single enhanced armament to all of the classes when they gain their enhanced armaments.

On a related note, I suspect that upon gaining enhanced armaments you select from either device or costume, as opposed to getting one of each, but this isn't entirely clear. That said, it is quite possible that at later levels dex based builds will find they have higher AC without the costume as a result of focusing their enhancements on the device and not upgrading the costume.

Also related, KoihimeNakamura brought up a good point about thrown weapons. It may be worth adding an enhancement to make the weapon able to be thrown. Possibly with a ten or fifteen foot range increment that goes up by five each additional time you add the enhancement.