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    Quote Originally Posted by Selinia View Post
    Changelog! A couple of costume effects here, and tweaks on a couple of illuminations.

    • Subtle costume effect added. Sometimes smashing face is not the answer. Sometimes smashing face is the answer, but you'd be better off doing it while nobody can see you. Subtle has you covered either way.
    • Warded costume effect added. It is now official punch-a-caster day. Punch them. Go ahead. They've earned it.
    • Beam and Storms have gained a minor buff - they are now 1m augmentations, and offer less range per rank and slightly slower damage decay. This should offer a few more options at low levels while I work on more augmentations. Particularly surges. We need more low-level surges.

    A few reasons. Most direct is that you have more than two arms - playing a Kreen, for instance, though there are other ways. If you're facing a disarm-happy enemy, you can also conjure up a copy or two to grab and avoid having to run over and pick your weapon back up (or just burn a swift to invest 2m and conjure a replacement on the spot). And heck, if you're just chilling, having a cloak of floating armaments just plain looks cool.

    Is it super-powerful? No, not really. But for most characters, the lightforge investment is going to be secondary to the freebie device - which shares all the awesome of your primary device. Including enchantments. In effect, you're cutting the enchantment costs on your weapons in half, compared to wielding your device in one hand and a normal weapon in your other. Weapon enchantments are pricy. And that's before you get into how twinked out a device can be after a few Enhanced Armaments effects.

    Jamieth answers this pretty spot-on. Champions don't get some illumination augments for the same reason that Zodiacs don't get Cartridges. It just isn't their forte. I wouldn't quite call champions' illuminations a secondary feature, but they use them differently than a zodiac does, and they supplement them with quite a few other tools zodiacs lack. Not every class can do every thing - if they could, there'd be no reason to make them separate classes in the first place!



    ETA2: So... you may want to space out how you can take enhanced armaments feats. Like Oversize.
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