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It reminds of Shaman King. It started as the story of a laid back boy who could talk to spirits. Then, it became a fighting series. Takei was so shaken and unsatisfied he needed to travel throughout the world so he could find himself again and write an actual ending. As he traveled the world, he knew a lot of people and made a lot of friends... including Stan Lee.
Man, that could be a manga by itself, couldn't it?
One man.

One journey.

A quest to find the ending of a story. A journey of friendship, ghosts, nature and ... Stan Lee
*abrupt music stop*

"Come on man, you gotta get your act together!"
"But how?"
"I got just the stuff."

Join Hiroyuki as he searches the world, finding more than he was looking for.

"Shine, teme!"
"What did you just say to my friend here?"



"Give your pal Stan hug!"
"I wiru not hug yuu!"


"Hey, Joey, fill me up!"


"Ferrigno SMASH!"

More coffee.


And parody.


"Y'know, I got this great idea for a manga about magic robot puppets..."

IF THE SPIRIT IS STRONG, coming out December 3rd.