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One man.

One journey.

A quest to find the ending of a story. A journey of friendship, ghosts, nature and ... Stan Lee
*abrupt music stop*

"Come on man, you gotta get your act together!"
"But how?"
"I got just the stuff."

Join Hiroyuki as he searches the world, finding more than he was looking for.

"Shine, teme!"
"What did you just say to my friend here?"



"Give your pal Stan hug!"
"I wiru not hug yuu!"


"Hey, Joey, fill me up!"


"Ferrigno SMASH!"

More coffee.


And parody.


"Y'know, I got this great idea for a manga about magic robot puppets..."

IF THE SPIRIT IS STRONG, coming out December 3rd.
Morph, you deserve an internet.

That said, i thought Shaman King was pretty awesome and one of the better mangas to go around.

spoiler alert
One of the msot awesome parts was HoroHoro's powerup where he is reminded what his name means and when he connects with his old girlfriend. it gave me chills and the feel of burns at the same time. Best powerup I ever saw and actually well deserved instead of I need power *writer hands out power after tantrum is thrown*. But a real emotional breakthrough. it a powerup coming with some character growth and emotional exploration. it was in one word awesome.

Apart form that I thought the end was actually awesome. finally the power of heart used in a sensible way. the way Yoh doesn't win, but is there with the other elemental warriors to make Hao a decent king was ****ing awesome. Really. I like how Hana actually continues the prodigy, including a relationship with an Itako (?) from hell (both distant family of Anna and Silva, this is hot stuff)