Initiative: Ryxikor, Quill, Maesyn, Savin, Axara, Enemies

Ryxikor decides to take the fight to the dark creepers and advance deeper inside the tomb.

Quill moves to the entrance of the tomb and instructs his trusted familiar to stay near Savin and let him know when the coast is clear.

Maesyn takes out his special lyre and start playing it. With his wings folded, he looks like a true angel, motivating everybody to be better in the name of Goodness.

Savin’s blood starts boiling as he sees the cowardly dark creepers firing arrow at Axara. He takes advantage of his size to trio the nearest dark creepers and finishes him swiftly with his powerful spiked chain.

Axara finishes climbing the rope and arrive on the other side of the pit. Her next action is to pick up the wands that Ryxikor dropped.

A dark creeper moves next to engage Savin but fails to beat the warrior’s defense. The other two fire arrows at Axara and only one pierce her armor.

Axara: -3HP – Currently at 28/31

+1 attack/dages/fear save/ char msave: Maesyn motivation song