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So I just saw it, and loved it to pieces.
Concerning Vanellope

Remember, the other Sugar Rushers didn't say she was glitched, they were saying she WAS a glitch. She wasn't supposed to be in the game.
And her teleport thing could be balanced, especially if she was intended as a special unlockable character, or if the other racers got their own nifty powers.
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I doubt she was unlockable when she was one of the characters shipped with the game.
As for the other racers, we saw one named candle who could light some of the terrain on fire/trigger explosions, and it was clear that none of the other racers could. King Candy's car seemed especially good at pseudo drifting/power slides.
So Vanellope having a minor teleport power (aside from when she's rescuing Ralph it doesn't appear to go very far at a time) doesn't seem all that broken really.

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