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[Surgical Wing - The Kingdom of Kulaxis]

"Why thank you ma'am. It's an honor," Gary says, looking her squarely in the eye with a stony expression. Immediately after which, he lets out a silly little laugh.
[Surgical Wing - The Tyrant of Kulaxis]

Spec, the erstwhile queen of Kulaxis, smiles jocosely, without so much as an ounce of the grace or eloquence befitting that station.

"Do be careful with the fire extinguisher while they're about. Liberal application of its contents proves quite deleterious to their health."

Spec gives herself a once-over before talking about serious stuff again.

"Well, it looks like your AI didn't botch up the job too badly. I still have two arms, two legs, one tail, and one head and best of all, all of them are attached to my torso. And they're the original appendages I walked in with. Good, good. That's much more than I expected to retain, initially. And on top of that, I feel fantastic so your AI did a commendable job, although my official praise of it is contingent upon determining whether or not it stripped me of any of my internal organs...which it didn't if my scanning system is up to snuff."

Spec jests, attempting to release Gary and consequently standing up under her own power without a prop. She attempts to circle Gary once or twice to ensure that she can maintain her balance while engaging in acts of locomotion. It never hurts to double check, after all!