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    Night 14

    Barrister Trotalot, QCs pen was quite busy as he sat at the foot the Queen's steps. And I want these ridiculous windows removed and replacssed with new ones. I want them to show the power and beauty that isss mine.

    Barrister Trotalot chuffed at that, trying to suppress the groan that had tried to escape his lips. Queen Chrysalis was instantly there, glaring into his face. What was that, Barrissster? her horn began to glow green, as her eyes narrowed menacingly. Do you have sssomething to sssay?

    Barrister Trotalot backed away, shaking with fear. N-n-no, Mistress. It was just a sneeze, I swear.

    The Queen glared at him for another moment, then turned with a huff and ascended the stairs again. Very well, let's continue. She sat her royal hind end on the pillowed throne. And those gaudy ssstatues in the garden are to be removed and sssmashed. Have the ssstone-masssons build a new ssstatue of me, immediately.

    On and on she went with her new laws, the punishments for each law. She was very specific in this, and to some degree this made Barrister Trotalot happy. He liked neat ordered law, not the chaos Princess Celestia allowed. In his opinion, she was too lenient at times. The people needed to obey the laws, lest they abuse the law-makers.

    An angry foot stomped above him. Barrister Trotalot looked up, to find the angry eyes of his Queen glaring back at him. Are you lissstening to me!?

    Y-yes, Mistress. he replied in a shaky voice.

    Then why.... Have you ssstopped writing!? she yelled, emphasizing her anger with a growl.

    Barrister Trotalot looked back down to his pen and paper and started to write. But no ink left the pen, it was dry. He blanched, giving Queen Chrysalis an embarrassed smile, and dipped his pen into the inkwell. He then placed pen to paper once again, but didn't write anything out, just looked blankly at the paper.

    For a moment, he closed his eyes, trying to remember what she'd just said, but it wasn't coming to him. Slowly he looked back up at the new Queen. S-s-sorry, your eminence. I.. I seem to have forgotten.....

    Guardsss!!! she screamed. Three changeling guards ran into the court hall. Knowing exactly what their Queen wanted, they immediately grabbed up the Queen's Council and awaited her command. Take him to the dungeon. Maybe four years will help his memory.

    Barrister Trotalot's eyes went wide with horror. Nooo! Don't do this! I'm sorry, it won't happen again!

    But the Queen waved a hoof "no" at him. Did you already forget law three, sssection four? she smiled down at him. All ponies shall hang on the Queen's every word. Punishment for failing to do ssso shall be three years in the cryssstal prison. she hissed in pleasure, as Barrister was dragged away. Next!

    As he was dragged away, Barrister Trotalot had time to remember why he hated the new Queen. She was such a stickler for rules and punishments. No sense of leniency, at all. So unfair.

    Barrister Trotalot, PC (Tom the Mime) was tossed into the Crystal Prison with all the other "criminals". He was a Town Pony.

    NOTE: During the Days of Chaos, Tom the Mime also gained the role Screwball.

    Discord has twisted your mind to make you his agent of chaos! You are Neutral. You cannot be killed or affected by any abilities and cannot lose the game. If the game ends during chaos, you win.

    During the night you can target two players. If the first player has any kind of action, it will target the second player. (does not affect night kills/disguises). This effect superceeds any other retargeting effect.

    You return to your normal role once the chaos ends.

    Day 15 Begins
    It will last about 48 hours.

    Missed 1 Day

    Missed 2 Days

    AL- Replacements

    Player list
    {table=head]#|Player|Character|Killed? |Role
    01|Bladescape C'Nor|||
    02|Count Dingdong Sitzkrieg|||
    03|Grue Bait|Grue Bay||
    04|Penguinator|Orange Cadence||
    05|planswalker|Yellow Pants (literally)||
    06|Reinholdt Matthais2207|||
    07|TBFProgrammer|(a stubborn mule)||
    29|Tom the Mime|Barrister Trotalot, PC|Night 14|Screwball Town Pony
    28|Super Dark33|Dark Spark|Day 14|Town Pony
    27|Istari|Dr. Whooves|Night 13|Spitfire
    26|Elemental|Ember Metal, Count von Sterling|Day 13|SuperCharged Town Pony
    25|EvilRoeSlade|Batmare|Night 12|Soarin'
    24|inky13112|Sour Bloom|Day 12- AL|Rarity
    23|usourselves&we|Ghost, Bones, and Metallic|Day 12|SuperCharged Town Pony
    22|Diego Havoc|Elixir|Night 8-11 WIN!|Discord
    21|TigerFang|TigerPony|Night 11|Town Pony
    20|Sitzkrieg 52.5 Lemons|???|Day 11- AL**|{Replaced by Count Dingdong}
    19|Alarra|Musings|Day 11|Changling
    18|52.5 Lemons|Sub-Lime|Day 8- AL**|{Replaced by Sitzkrieg}
    17|Eternis|Dorian Grey|Day 8|Princess Cadance
    16|Castaras|Old Fruit|Night 7|Changling 3- Shifted
    15|C'Nor|Senorita Cha Cha|Day 7- AL**|{Replaced by Bladescape}
    14|Murska|(Definitely NOT a green-eyed pony named Verde Invidia o.o)|Day 7|Changling 2
    13|Atreyu, the Masked Llama|Rocky Horror Llama|Night 6|Town Pony Llama
    12|GnomeGninjas|Gninja Ninja|Day 6|Queen Chrysalis
    11|Forum Explorer|Thinking Cap|Night 5|Town Pony
    10|Gray Mage|Rainy Charge|Day 5|Shining Armor
    09|Rogue Nine Internet Flea|Silver Star|Night 4|Town Pony
    08|Mangosta71|Dread Pony Roberts|Day 4|Town Pony
    07|Ramsus|Emperor Treasure|Night 3|Pinkie Pie
    06|Matthias2207|Warpony Tarquin|Day 3- AL**|{Replaced by Reinholdt}
    05|Internet Flea|Sugar Shock|Day 3- VA*|{Replaced by Rogue Nine}
    04|Grimmace, the|Jazzberry Jam|Day 3|Darkwing Pony
    03|Otakuryoga|Ballast Control|Night 2|Rainbow Dash
    02|Reinholdt|Mister Buttons|Night 1|Town Pony Sabre Kitty
    01|Rogue Nine|Grumpy Bear|Day 1|Town Pony Bear
    * Voluntary Absence
    **Auto Lynch
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