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9'th Bell at the Gates

The Wizard falls into step behind Nephea as she begins her comically overplayed march, shiny new shoes squeaking against the cobblestone road in a manner befitting a clown trailing after the parade master.

Ah, I'm... unsure. And it's a good question. Biting his lip the Wizard tries to think back, remember if there was a point where his nausea spiked or some other symptom that could be traced to this strange journey showed itself. I... No? I think not? The only time I've 'travelled' was aboard a galley and already seasick, so I cannot be sure. But I think not.

By the sounds of it though, a more definitive answer one way or the other isn't far on the horizon.
[A Few Steps Down The Road]

"You don't? That's good." Nephea said. "I'm a bit envious, though. Teleportation always makes me feel nauseous. I'd hate to think what would happen if I was tagging along with someone who was making rapid jumps or something... Well, aside from probably painting the ground in some gross colors after it was over, I guess. I mean, I hear that if it isn't done right, you can leave some parts of you behind. Do you know if that's true? I'd hate to accidentally leave a kidney somewhere. I mean, sure, there's healing magic and some really strong potions that can fix that kind of thing but I bet that would feel like the mother of all kidney punches there."

If allowed, the catamander would likely engage in similar babble for most of the trip to this designated willow tree. She had yet to mention any reason why it was special, though, so that might be one of several questions that could be used to stem the flow of banter.